Dispute Resolution

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Dispute Resolution

Civil and Criminal Litigation

Our pragmatic approach assures our clients that we advocate for them in a manner that is mindful of their specific business goals in the context of industry needs. Our multi-layer case assessment methodology apprises our clients of the most cost-effective route in pursuing either alternative or traditional forms of dispute resolution. We take pride in our trial technique that is anchored on keen study and through preparation.

We develop and execute litigation strategies across a range of cases including intra-corporate and commercial disputes, employment, insolvency, energy regulation, product liability, trust and estates litigation and criminal prosecution/defense.

When necessary, we likewise assist clients in securing injunctive and provisional reliefs.

Employment Relations

We handle cases involving labor standards and labor relations issues. We give crucial advice on the nuances involved in labor-management relations issue, prosecutes and defends causes before the labor arbiters and the National Labor Relations Commission.

Arbitration and Mediation

Depending on the nature of the dispute and on the factors that will best serve our client’s interest, we recommend to clients writing into a contract an arbitration clause in anticipation of settling disputes. With our experience in ad hoc and institutional arbitration, we guide our clients in exploring arbitration strategies in furtherance of business objectives.

Appellate Practice

We have handled petitions and appeals before the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals and have appeared for oral arguments on occasion. We are cognizant that appellate practice involves different skills and strategies. Thus, we shift our focus on framing the appropriate legal issues and advancing our position through in-depth legal research and impeccable argumentation to secure success for our clients. Over the years, we have attained an extensive exposure in successfully handling cases in all appellate levels of the Philippine Judicial System.


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