IP Enforcement & Development

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IP Enforcement & Development

IP Litigation

We represent IP holders in Opposition and Cancellations cases and in Unfair Competition and Infringement cases before the IP Office as well as the trial courts.

IP Rights Enforcement

In addition to the legal work we perform for IP protection, we also represent our clients in Search & Seizure operations and Customs/Border Enforcement as well as in Infringement or Unfair Competition Cases filed before the courts. We coordinate with enforcement authorities and private investigators in conducting a market study to map out an enforcement strategy against IP rights violations.

IP Commercialization

We work together with our clients to find ways to leverage and commercialize their IP assets, particularly in negotiating and forging licensing agreements and technology transfer arrangements. Similarly, we provide a comprehensive approach in tackling IP issues arising from ventures, mergers or acquisitions to cover all aspects of the transactions including negotiation and documentation.

IP Audit

We conduct IP audit to assess the strength of a client’s IP assets and to identify potential risks and issues. We then advise the client on how to resolve these issues and minimize or avoid those risks, whether as part of internal audit or as a matter of due diligence before investing in a company, brand or technology.

IP Advocacy

As part of our IP advocacy, we conduct lectures and seminars to stakeholders in SMEs and start-up ventures to promote and protect their IP rights in furtherance of business interests.


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