Trademark, Patent, Copyright & Design

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Trademark, Patent, Copyright & Design

Intellectual property protection is critical in maximizing business potential, whether for a start-up or a multinational corporation. Thus, we provide all facets of intellectual property protection services to innovators and local enterprises wanting to expand abroad and to international clients desiring to establish presence in the Philippines. Our clients cut across industries such services, software, electronics, food & drug, chemicals, media & entertainment, fashion and technology.

Through our collaboration and network of foreign IP counterparts, we provide our clients suitable advice on how they can expand their business and protect their IP assets in the following jurisdictions:

madrid protocol signatories


Our international clients needing protection in the Philippines for their brands seek our perspective on the more appropriate and cost-effective trademark filing route (either via Madrid Protocol or by direct filing). We also prepare trademark search and clearance reports and transact before the IP Office to apply for trademark, service mark and domain name registrations, maintain and renew registrations.

We guarantee strategic advice on application preparation and filing and timely services at flexible rates.


We file and prosecute PCT applications as well as domestic invention patent applications. We also handle utility model and design applications, patent drafting, licensing, due diligence, portfolio management and advisory work, as well as post-grant proceedings at the IP Office. We are responsible for patent matters in the pharmaceuticals, chemicals, semiconductors and mechanical fields.


Primarily, we render advisory work for clients engaged in publishing, advertising, media, art, design and photography in regards to copyright issues including those particular to online/social media content. We also assist in the copyright deposit and registration of creations in the IP Office.

IP Portfolio Management

Brand owners and patent holders entrust to us the maintenance, annuities payments and renewal of their IP portfolio.


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